June 21st: Cultivate Confidence to Live BIG! w/ Dr. Keith Johnson

Dr. Keith Johnson
America's # 1 Confidence Coach
 How big is your confidence? Do you believe in your SELF? How do you deal with your insecurities? Join Us during this 1 hour premier with callers, as we dialog with  Dr. Keith Johnson, as he addresses these questions & gives tips on boosting your own self image so that you can harness the inner confidence to live a bigger, bolder life! Dr. Keith will share his own story of how he overcame a childhood rid with insecurities & inadequacies only to become a confidently accomplished adult that inspires others to do the same! Dr. Keith Johnson has spent the past 15 years successfully training over 127,000 leaders how to maximize their leadership potential & effectiveness. He is a best-selling author of three books, The Confidence MakeoverLeading in Crisis Times & Leaders of Destiny, that discuss many of the key principles that are the core of his proven results-producing presentation. 
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    Keith's Story: 
There was a day when the Confidence Coach had no confidence at all…
He wasn’t always full of confidence—here’s why:
    alt He flunked kindergarten & his teacher told him he was a “slow learner.” For years he thought she meant he was retarded.
     When he turned 7 years old, his parents divorced. He blamed myself & thought he was a “bad” boy.
     By the time he was in 5th grade, he could barely read & write & almost failed that year.
     When he was 8, his mother married an alcoholic who verbally & psychologically abused their  family.

     His real father joined a motorcycle club called Satan’s Escorts & was a drug addicted alcoholic.
     At 10 years old, he was hit by a motorcycle while riding his bicycle & his leg was broken so badly that the doctors said he would never walk without a limp
     When he was 16, his father taught him how to sell drugs for a living.
     By the time he was 22, he had never read an entire book.
     At 23 he wanted to become a speaker, but a pastor said he would never amount to anything.
     Also at 23 he was so insecure that he was afraid to call the phone company because they overcharged him $247.
     When he turned 30, he started his speaking business AND by 35, he had failed so miserably that he was over $100,000 in debt & living in his mother-in-law’s house.
     At 35 he had no job, no money, no perceived opportunities, & no influential relationships to help him. He was 40 pounds overweight & had absolutely no confidence for a better future. 
      But then…
      He discovered the proven strategies for success that changed his life forever. In less than three years, he was earning a six-figure income, working for himself, living in the house of his dreams, & traveling around the world.
      And now…
      He wants to share all of the things he's learned about how to overcome self-defeating childhood memories or young adult self-doubt through building up your confidence.
      Keith is the founder and CEO of Keith Johnson International, & he presents his proven success principles at approximately 200 organizations, entrepreneur groups, churches, & events each year. He lives in Spring Hill, Florida, with his wife & daughter. Click 2 Learn More About Dr. Keith--->