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Meet Our Executive Producer & Join our amazingly creative team...

We are currently seeking production interns to join our team! Gain experience in a fast paced, virtual environment! Interact with some of the top, self-help experts, authors, & speakers in the industry! For more info: livebigproductions@gmail.com

Executive Producer, Ken White

Executive Producer, Ken White is the ultimate techie! He is the power behind the show & "The Man," that makes it all work out in the end! His philosophy: Are we limited in only reacting to the world around us, or do we actually possess the ability, through our thoughts and intentions, to deliberately attract people, things and circumstances, into our lives, in other words, "create our own reality ?"  We, at Co-creator Network, believe that humanity is in the early stages of a MAJOR paradigm shift in thinking, with much larger consequences to society than the realization, and the eventual acceptance, centuries ago, that the earth is round or that it is not the center of the universe, and that's why we're talking about it. - Ken White