Riding the Wheel of Life w/ Dr. Mark Chironna.

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August 23rd: Riding the Wheel of Life with Dr. Mark Chironna. Balance is an important element to living well and living happily. The world's greatest leaders have always seemed to understand the importance of balance; they didn't live to work, they worked to live. You too, can lead a balanced life, but you must first determine those areas of your life that are out of balance. An improper balance of your daily priorities will quickly take its toll. It can lead to burnout, depression, loss of physical health and general dissatisfaction with life. Join US during this show as Dr. Mark Chironna of The Master's Touch International Church, shares his wisdom & keys to living a balanced & successful life! Dr. Chironna is author of nine books including, Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt, Live Your Dream, Seven Secrets to Unfolding Destiny, Step Into Your Greatness, & You Can Let Go Now, It's Ok to be Who You Are! He has also produced over 70 audio programs & has over 60 videos available as well including several bestsellers, Tipping Over Your Treasure, From Your Crisis to a Comeback, & DNA: Divine Natural Abundance. Mark Chironna Ministries spans the globe in outreach in missions, media & communications. Dr. Chironna holds multiple advanced degrees in theology & psychology. He & his wife Ruth are the proud parents of two sons, Matthew and Daniel. Click & Learn More About Mark--->

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