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     Welcome to The Live BIG Show! Live BIG! is a fresh & lively perspective featuring & profiling authors, speakers & teachers, entertainers, activist & self-help experts sharing their personal life-experiences, life-lessons, & learned wisdom on overcoming obstacles & living life to the fullest. Live BIG! is a weekly, conversational-style,  lunch hour, laid-back format, on topics varying from finding your life's purpose & living your BIG dream to divorce & learning to Live BIG! after the break up! The show features bestselling authors, as well as up & coming life coaches! With every guest, listeners will be sure to be entertained & enlightened!  Click & Check Out The Show Schedule--->
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     We are excited that you have arrived & made the decision to live a more fulfilled life; one filled with inspiration & transformation! Live BIG! was created to bring life changing information & motivation to people around the world, with the purpose of bringing about global change; one soul at a time. Live BIG! is part of The Big, Bold, Beautiful Brand & Live Big! Productions, which also includes The Big, Bold, Beautiful Blog; a blogspot that focuses on positive body & self image for women & girls & Listen2Spirit.com; a platform that highlights authors, artists, & speakers with inspirational, audio products. All products & programs produced by Live Big! Productions seek to inspire & motivate people to change & grow!
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