Harness the POWER to live BIG! w/ Philippe "Shock" Matthews

August 30th: Harness the Power to Live BIG! with Philippe Matthews. Join  Us for this motivational show & learn practical tips for living BIG & harnessing the power to live your dreams & follow your destiny. Heralded as the “Oprah of Internet,” by Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen,  Philippe Matthews is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Matthews lost both parents as a youth & along with his older sister, began to work to support the family. Despite the dire & stressful circumstances of his life, he made good on a promise to his mother & did not allow himself to fall prey to the pitfalls in his impoverished community that ensnared so many of his peers. Instead, he forged ahead through life constructively, striving to achieve success in whichever milieu he found himself. From poverty to prosperity, Philippe has not looked back—rather, he has grown & flourished as a multi-media, motivational force. The Philippe Matthews Show features bestselling authors, new- thought leaders, change agents, entertainers & world class experts in personal, spiritual & professional development such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Deepak Chopra, best selling financial author, Robert T. Kiyosaki along with wife, Kim Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter & Suze Orman. The list also includes the best selling real estate author, Robert G. Allen, & the best selling co-author in the history of all publishing, Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He has also interviewed co-stars of the Secret, Dr. John F. Demartini & Dr. DenisWaitley, Stedman Graham, Zig Ziglar & countless more! Philippe Matthews is the author of the SHOCKwealth System: Developing the Mindset to Be Rich Before Becoming Rich; How to Make Millions When Thousands Have Been Laid Off , featuring Stedman Graham and the SHOCKphilosophy: A Mindset for Massive Manifestation. His books and audio programs have been endorsed by Stedman Graham, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. John F. Demartini, Robert G. Allen & more. Click & Learn More about Philippe--->

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