Live Well 2 Live BIG!
w/ Dr. Bertice Berry

Dr. Bertice Berry
September 13th: Season Finale: Live Well to Live BIG! with Dr. Bertice Berry. Join us for what promises to be a humorous & hilarious 1 hour with Call-A-Guest show, with author & media personality, Dr. Bertice Berry. Listen in as she shares candidly about her new book, A Year to Wellness & Other Weight Loss Secrets, & about her own battle with the bulge & getting well.  Berry was the host and co-executive producer of her own nationally syndicated talk show, The Bertice Berry Show, and hosted USA Live, a four-hour live interview & entertainment show on the USA Cable Network. She's been featured on numerous other television programs, including appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, & more recently on ABC’s 20/20.  Dr. Bertice Berry is also the best-selling author of an inspirational memoir, I'm On My Way, But Your Foot Is On My Head, & the hilarious bestsellers Sckraight From the GhettoYou Might Be Ghetto If & the sequel You STILL Ghetto. Her first work of fiction, Redemption Song, published by Double Day in 2000, is also a Best-seller & has been praised by critics for its' ability to entertain, inspire & educate. Berry followed Redemption Song, with another bestseller, The Haunting of Hip Hop and took her readers on a journey to the other side. In August 2002, she released her most passionate work ever with Jim & Louella Homemade Heart-fix Remedy, a tantalizing yet spiritual tale that has won several awards. Berry's wit and wisdom shine through in her novel about looking for love in all the wrong places---& with all the wrong people, "When Love Calls, You Better Answer"; released the summer of 2005. A gifted and accomplished singer, she soothes the heart and spirit with her soon to be released CD, "Breathe", a delicate mix of meditation & song.Despite all of her honors and achievements, Dr. Berry is most proud of becoming the "instant mother" to her sister's four young children. She lives in Atlanta, GA where she is active in the community. "When you walk with purpose," Berry says, "you collide with destiny!"  Click & Learn More about Dr. Berry---> 
Stay Tuned! As We Are Just Getting Started!
Fall Season begins on October 4th  2011 

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  1. Awesome, Xina! Will definitely catch as much as possible! You always bring your best and "the Best" to the forefront. NYC sending much love to you and Dr Bertice Berry. Your show info is always so timely and so much needed! Thanks for all the info on Dr B! She surely brings the BIGNESS BABY!!! INSPIRE HIGHER!
    BIG <3 and BIG Hugs...
    *Denise Richardson/NYC*